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Once famous Ladies Tailor in the village, Sundaram son is Gopalan (Sumanth Ashwin). Gopalan also chooses his father's career and lives. However, an astrologer says that there is a Manmadha Line for Gopalan's movie. He tells us that any girl will falls in love with him immediately if he tries . Gopala has a desire to go to the city and has dream of becoming a fashion designer. He wants to use his Cupid line to get someone who has a very rich girl in the trap and fulfill his dream. Three girls will fall in love with him. Finally the story is to which turn his love story takes and finally who will connect with Goapalan...    More

Gautam (Raj Tarun), who works as a radio jockey, is born blind. Gautam falls in love with the doctor Dr. Netra (Hebba Patel). She also loves him. After that, Gautam get eye shigt with the help of someone. But the person comes as soul and puts Gautam into trouble. Due to that soul Gotham does some murders. He asks the doctors to remove his eyes. Why did that soul make murders through Goutham? The story is about how Gautham gets out of this problem...    More

Bhramaramba (Rakul Preet Singh), a girl who grew up with all love and affection. She always follows her father’s (Sampath) words. Shiva (Naga Chaitanya) arrives for a wedding ceremony where he falls in love with Bhramaramba. Afterwards, Bhramaramba comes to city and joins Shiva’s college. The introduction between these two members turns into love. But Bhramaramba says to Shiva that she will marry the person selected by his father. Earlier, Shiva’s father Jagapati Babu and Bhramaramba’s father had clashes. What were those clashes? How Shiva convinces Bhramaramba’s father for marriage, is the story...    More

Keshava (Nikhil) is a student, who loses his parents in an accident in childhood. Some people think that it is because of police and goes on killing the police. The police found the murderers. Why Keshava kill them? How he takes the revenge on the other people, is the story...    More

Radha Krishna (Sharwanand) wants to become a police because of an incident took place in his childhood. He helps the police in arresting the criminals. The higher authority offers him S.I job by seeing his guts. Radha is transferred to a nearby village of Warangal district. There he fell in love with Radha (Lavanya Tripathi). Afterwards, Radha Krishna is transferred to Hyderabad. There, a politician by name Sujata (Ravikishan) does the crimes for the political growth. Some policemen die in this incident. How Radha reacted to this matter? How he fails Sujata’s crimes, is the story...    More

Madhav (Avasarala Srinivas) who got addicted to sex in his young age, sees everyone in the same manner. Meanwhile, he had relationships with many girls. Though Madhav’s friends got settled with children, but Madhav maintains relationship with the new girls, everyday and enjoys his life. In this process, he faces some problems and wants to keep full-stop on this. Madhav got three marriage proposals but no one comes forward to marry him after hearing his flashback. Finally he fell in love with Radha (Misti Chakravarti) by saying lies to her. Will Madhav marry Radha? Can he overcome his bad habit, is the story...    More

In the previous Bahubali part 1 Rajamouli guided Kattapa to kill bahubali leading to keep the audience in tension. In starting of Bahubali2 Shivagami (Ramya Krishna) ordered to make Amendra Bahubali as a king and to make preparations for this. In the mean while gap Amendra Bahubali starts roaming in his country. As in the part of the tours he reaches the Kuntala Empire, falls in love with princess Devasena (Anushka) of that empire. On the other side Bhallala Deva plans to be as a king in the place of Amendra Bahubali. Ultimately, he works out with his plans and decorates the throne as a king. What is going to happen next? Why Kattappa, on having affectionate towards Bahubali, has killed Amendra Bahubali. What Shivagami did after knowing about the jealous plans of Bhallala deva. By knowing this entire story, how Mahendra Bahubali (junior) faced Bhallala deva, is the story.    More

The three friends decide to make a short film for having a chance in the film industry. They convinced the Malayalam heroine Swathi (Ina Saha) to act in this short film. They select the old bungalow, in the outskirts of the village, for the shooting of this film. Rebecca, who is the owner of the bungalow, is expert in Telepathy (Knowing what is on the minds of other people). Because of Rebecca (Rasi), they would face many problems. After some days, Swathi will be missing. All may think that Rebecca is the reason for this. Where did Swathi gone? What this Telepathy is about, is the story.    More

Chi (Varun Tej), who is staying with his parents in Spain, gets introduced to Meera (Hebbah Patel) who came from India and fell in love with her. When Chi proposes to Meera, she says that she loves another person in India and leaves for India. One day, Meera calls Chi to help her from the problems faced by them. Chi decides to help Meera and leaves for India; there he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi). Chandramukhi fell in love with Chi. Because of Chandramukhi, Chi will face many problems. What is the problem? Will Chandramukhi gain Chi’s love, is the story.    More

In the train, there will be only two members, Rahim (Shakti) and a blind person. The blind person will throw Rahim out of the train. But the police will show it as a suicide. But Rahim’s girlfriend Sangeetha will doubt it as a murder. She contacts with the police officer known to her. This case will be handled as a secret by the CBCID officer Shivalinga (Laurence). Meanwhile Shivalinga gets married to Satya (Ritika Singh). While this case was going on, Satya behaves very strange. Shivalinga will come to know that, a spirit came into Satya. Who possessed Satya? Who is the murderer in the case taken up by Shivalinga, is the story.    More

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