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Varun (Karti) is the fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force in Kashmir. Varun, who always enjoys his life with girls, becomes a victim in an accident and gets hospitalized. There he gets introduced to Dr. Leela (Aditi Rao Haidari) and fell in love with her. Leela doesn’t like Varun’s behavior and some misunderstandings arise between them. At the same time, war takes place between India and Pakistan. The flight of Varun is being attacked by the Pakistani Force in the war. Varun saves his life with the help of parachute but the Pakistani Force arrest him. How Varun escapes from there and meet his girlfriend Leela, is the story.    More

A girl by name Parijatam (Nainatara) with her aunt accepts the challenge and starts the Call Car Tax Organization in competition to her. For that she buys an old car. The driver says that there is something wrong with the car, so Nainatara herself drives the car. The car, by itself, kills one person, without knowing to Parijatam. By this Parijatam comes to know that a devil is present in the car and she meets an old lady. The old lady tells Parijatam that there is a dog’s spirit in the car. Why the dog’s spirit came to Parijatam? Why the dog does murders, is the story.    More

The mischievous Chanti (Ishaan) fell in love with police commissioner’s daughter Anjali (Enjela). By knowing that Anjali’s father is doing the marriage of her daughter with someone else, Chanti reaches there and stops the marriage and argues with the police. He breaks out the legs of a constable. Under this offense, he is put in jail for two years. After that Anjali (Enjela) visits jail and says that marriage will be done according to her, by this he thinks that he was cheated and from then onwards he increases disgusting nature towards girls. Chanti’s father does not allow him in the house after coming out of jail. That constable’s family got injustice because of him, so his father says to Chanti to take care of that family by himself. Meanwhile, he gets introduced to the constable’s sister Anjali (Mannara Chopra) and fell in love with her. How Chanti will face the difficulties, is the story.    More

Aditya (Venkatesh) is a good boxing player. Due to some political issues, his dream of becoming a champion doesn’t gets fulfilled. Then Aditya works as a coach for the Indian Women Boxing team, in Delhi. Due to some rivals from his colleagues, he is been transferred from Delhi to Vizag. Aditya wants a boxing player like him; in that event he meets Rameshwari (Ritika Singh). Rameshwari, who belongs to poor family selling vegetables, the talent of Rameshwari is observed by Aditya and decides to make her the boxing champion and gives her the training. Meanwhile, some people try to raise obstacles. How Aditya will make Rameshwari the boxing champion by facing these obstacles, is the story.    More

Katamarayudu is a very honest person living in his village. He had four brothers. He doesn’t like women. With this, he doesn’t get married at all. But his brothers fell in love. They realize that their elder brother must get married before them. For that, they marry Katamarayudu with their neighbor Avanti (Shruti Hasan). They make Avanti to love Katamarayudu, by covering that their brother is a soft gentleman. But one day Avanti sees the angry nature of Katamarayudu. Unexpectedly, Katamarayudu comes and stays in Avanti’s house. By knowing that someone is trying to kill Avanti’s family, he protects her family from them. Who wants to kill Avanti’s family? How Katamarayudu will gain Avanti’s love, is the story.    More

Goutham (Sai Ram Shankar) will be working in a finance company. He falls in love with Sweccha (Reshmi Menon). He does various plans to gain the love of Sweccha. Finally he succeeds in it. But unexpectedly, Sharath Kumar kidnaps Sweccha and keeps some demands in front of Goutham. Why Sharath Kumar kidnapped Sweccha? How Goutham will save Sweccha, is the story.    More

Chitra (Anjali) is the Assistant Professor in a college. She occasionally had male characteristics in her. By seeing that, the girls in the hostel feared from her behavior. All may feel that Chitra is mentally ill. Chitra had one dream daily. In that dream, a girl is killing one boy. Chitra leaves for America to find out the problem happened to her. There she meets some people and comes to know the reason for her problem. In her early life, Chitra was born as Ravi Varma (Deepak). Ravi Varma was killed by his wife. Ravi Varma, to take revenge on his wife, is once again born as Chitra in this life. Why Ravi Varma’s wife killed him? How Chitra comes out of her problem, is the story.    More

The story is based on the four people, who live in Chennai. Finally how they meet, is the story. The unemployed Sandeep Kishan falls in love with Rejina, who works in a company. On the other side, Sri comes to Chennai for searching job. Rejina tries to help him. Charlie comes to Chennai to earn money for her son’s treatment who is suffering from a disease. But all these people get struck in the kidnapping case of a child. Why this kidnapping situation arises in their lives? How it will come to an end, is the story.    More

Erra Sinu (Vijay Devarakonda) is a thief. One day, while he was stealing something, with the fear that he may be caught, he goes into an apartment named Dwaraka and there he hides himself in an orange dress. In the early morning, he turned into as a saint. From then onwards, many devotees visit the apartment and offer valuable gifts. By the help of Sinu, some people earn money through this. Sinu loves Vasudha (Pooja Javeri) who was residing there. He doesn’t like this type of cheating, but because of Vasudha he stays there itself. Finally Vasudha knows the truth of Sinu and hates him. She says that if he turned to be a good person, she will return back to him. What happened next? How Sinu came out of the problem, is the story.    More

Kanna (Manchu Manoj), since childhood has been brought up by his father Surya Narayana (Rajendra Prasad) in a strict way. Kanna cannot tolerate the injustice taking place anywhere. In an event, he beats the well known criminal in Guntur, Lawyer Sheshu (Sampath Raj). By this, Sheshu wants to take revenge on Kanna. On the other side, Kanna loves Sheshu’s sister Amrita (Pragya Jaiswal). One day, Kanna comes to know that Amrita is the sister of Sheshu. How Kanna will face Sheshu and gain Amrita’s love, is the story.    More

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