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Allari Naresh plays orchestra in the weddings. He takes loan to protect the life of a child. He tries to earn money to clear the interest. In the house of Gopal (Rajendra Prasad), there will be a devil. He says that he will give more money for those who make the devil to leave the house. Though Naresh doesn’t know how to remove that devil, but for the sake of money he accepts the challenge. Naresh enters Gopal’s house but the devil attacks Naresh’s friends. Who is the devil? How Naresh comes out of this problem, is the story.    More

Raju (Sri Vishnu) is a good cricket player in Hyderabad. His sister Ahalya (Manasa) marries the gangster leader Savyasachi (Ravi Varma). Raju shows his talent of batting at state level. His dream is to play for national level. At the same time, the police officer Imthiyaz Ali (Nara Rohit) keeps an eye on Raju. He asks him to tell about his sister Ahalya. Meanwhile, Raju’s cricket career will be spoiled. He is being put in jail. He decides to take revenge on Imthiyaz Ali. Did Raju take revenge on Imthiyaz Ali? This revenge finally goes where, is the story.    More

Tippu (Vishwadev Rachakonda) is a duller in studies. He always sits with his three friends on a quail wall and does time pass. So, all will be heating them. They want to earn good name by doing something so they decides to conduct a cricket tournament. So they collect money from all. Already Tippu was in love with Divya (Punarnavi). Tippu cancels the tournament because of her. So, all begins to scold Tippu. The matter becomes more serious. Why Tippu has cancelled the cricket tournament? How he and his friends remove their bad name, is the story.    More

Vangaveeti Radha (Sandeep Kumar) rises from small rowdy into a great leader with the support of Venkataratnam in Vijayawada. Once Venkataratnam suspects Radha. So Radha kills Venkataratnam. Radha will be killed by Venkataratnam followers who can't tolerate their leader’s murder. So Ranga, brother of Radha, come in place of Radha. Disputes will be created between Ranga and his friends Gandhi (Kautilya) and Nehru (Sritej). Why the disputes raises between Ranga and Gandhi, Nehru. How Ranga was killed is the story.    More

The only daughter Padmavati (Hebbah Patel) will be brought up by Raghava Rao (Rao Ramesh) in a very pretty manner. Her father does anything asked by his daughter without saying no. Padamavati decides to do job in Hyderabad. Raghava Rao sends her to Hyderabad according to wish of his daughter though he is not willing. Padamavati will be doing job with her friend Magi (Tejaswi) in Hyderabad. A few days later Raghava Rao decides for marriage of his daughter. But she says lie that she was in love with one boy. To make that lie true Padamavati selects three boys and loves them without knowing to each other. Gokul (Noyel), Nani (Ashwin), and Namo (Parvatesham) also loves Padmavati. Who will marry Padmavati among the three members? How Raghava Rao reacts after knowing this, is the story.    More

Dhruva will be selected as I.P.S. and will be in the training period. At that time, he and his friends catches the criminals who are making small crimes. One of them comes out and starts living fearlessly. Dhruva does one research. He comes to know one thing. He comes to know that a scientist Siddarth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy) is behind these criminal activities. So Dhruva focuses upon Siddarth Abhimanyu. He not cares even his lover Ishika (Rakul Preet Singh) in this process. How the war runs between Dhruva and Siddarth Abhimanyu. Finally, how Dhruva wins over Siddarth Abhimanu is the story.    More

Dinesh (Vijay Antony) is a software engineer. He is cleverer than his colleagues. He marries Aishwarya (Arundathi Nayer) by liking her proposal from the matrimony. Dinesh will suddenly face strange incidents. He will be in an illusion that someone is talking with him and chasing him. He will meet a doctor for his treatment, after examining, the doctor confirms that he is suffering from his past life memories. He will be in search of a lady Jaya Lakshmi from his past memories. Who is Jaya lakshmi? Why do Dinesh remember his past life memories? How Dinesh comes out of this problem is the actual story.    More

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