Shivalinga Movie Review

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Director : P. Vasu
Producer : Ramesh P.Pillai
Music Director : S. Thaman
Starring : Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh
Rating : 3.25/5

Under the direction of Vasu, who has created a sensation from “Chandramukhi” movie, and Raghava Laurence as the hero of the horror films, came a movie called “Shivalinga”. The heroine of this film is Gurufem Ritika Singh. This film is released today. Let’s have a look at this movie.


In the train, there will be only two members, Rahim (Shakti) and a blind person. The blind person will throw Rahim out of the train. But the police will show it as a suicide. But Rahim’s girlfriend Sangeetha will doubt it as a murder. She contacts with the police officer known to her. This case will be handled as a secret by the CBCID officer Shivalinga (Laurence). Meanwhile Shivalinga gets married to Satya (Ritika Singh). While this case was going on, Satya behaves very strange. Shivalinga will come to know that, a spirit came into Satya. Who possessed Satya? Who is the murderer in the case taken up by Shivalinga, is the story.


All the horror movies will be almost in same style. All horror movies will be based on the concept that, for the injustice faced by them in their past life, they enter in one’s body and take revenge. “Shivalinga” is also the same. But this film maintains a thrill till end, without any estimates from the audience. Apart from the movies, “Muni”, “Kanchana”, “Ganga”, Laurence did a different role in this film as a CBCID officer. The second half thrills the audience than the first half. Vasu created eager among the audience to know who is the accused in Rahim’s (Shakti) murder. Laurence as Shivalinga acted very well. Ritika Singh’s performance as Satya was very good. The comedy actor Vadivelu’s performance was alright.


The Cinematography of Sarvesh Murari was good. The visuals of the film were good. Film editing was also good. But the music given by Taman was not attractive. Except some scenes of the movie, the director Vasu tried to show the story very well on the screen. He created a horror feeling among the audience. The filmmakers had very well produced the film.


On the whole,”Shivalinga” has created a horror feeling in the audience.

Rating : 3.25/5

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