Lanka Movie Review

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Director : Srimuni
Producer : Namana Dinesh, Namana Vishnu Kumar
Music Director : Sricharan Pakala
Starring : Raasi, Sai Ronak, Ena Saha and Others
Rating : 2.5/5

Rasi was a rising star among the heroines of the Telugu industry. With her beauty, performance, she earned a place among the audience. After many years, she did a main role in the movie “Lanka”. The trailers of “Lanka” movie increases interest among the audience. Let’s see, the movie which is released today, has attracted the audience to what extent.

Story :

The three friends decide to make a short film for having a chance in the film industry. They convinced the Malayalam heroine Swathi (Ina Saha) to act in this short film. They select the old bungalow, in the outskirts of the village, for the shooting of this film. Rebecca, who is the owner of the bungalow, is expert in Telepathy (Knowing what is on the minds of other people). Because of Rebecca (Rasi), they would face many problems. After some days, Swathi will be missing. All may think that Rebecca is the reason for this. Where did Swathi gone? What this Telepathy is about, is the story.

Analysis :

Sri Muni made an attempt to show this film in a new style, which was different from the Horror-Comedy movies of the Telugu industry. The director has selected a new concept “Telepathy” for this movie. But he did not succeed to connect with the audience. Some of the scenes in the movie were not related to each other. The director has maintained a twist till the end of the movie. The Telepathy concept has attracted the audience to some extent. However, at the end, showing this as a complete imagination, raised on type of mess among the audience. After many years, Rasi attracted with her performance in the lead role. Ina Saha, as the heroine, acted very well. The three friends did justice to their characters. The comedy shown in the movie was not up to the mark.

Technical team :

Ravi Kumar’s Cinematography was good. He captured the horror scenes with his camera, very well. Film editing was good. The background music given by Sri Charan Pakala was alright. But the songs disappointed the audience. The director, Sri Muni made his first film with a new concept itself. In case of the story, Sri Muni had to be little bit careful. He would have added little bit flavor to the story. The production of the film was good.

Conclusion :

On the whole, the estimates made by “Lanka” ended with no clarity.

Rating : 2.5/5

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