Babu Baga Busy Movie Review

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Director : Naveen Medaram
Producer : Abhishek Nama
Music Director : Sunil Kashyap
Starring : Avasarala Srinivas - Misti Chakravarti - Tejaswi Madivada - Supriya - Srimukhi – Adarsh Balakrishna – Priyadarshi – Ravi Prakash – Tanikella Bharani – Sudha etc.
Rating : 2.25/5

Avasarala Srinivas, who did silent roles till now, came up with adult content stories to the audience. The movie “Hunter” in Hindi which came with Abhishek Pictures Banners; now is coming as Telugu remake “Babu Baga Busy” under the direction of Naveen Medaram. The trailers of this film attracted the adult audience. Let’s have a review at this movie which is released today.


Madhav (Avasarala Srinivas) who got addicted to sex in his young age, sees everyone in the same manner. Meanwhile, he had relationships with many girls. Though Madhav’s friends got settled with children, but Madhav maintains relationship with the new girls, everyday and enjoys his life. In this process, he faces some problems and wants to keep full-stop on this. Madhav got three marriage proposals but no one comes forward to marry him after hearing his flashback. Finally he fell in love with Radha (Misti Chakravarti) by saying lies to her. Will Madhav marry Radha? Can he overcome his bad habit, is the story.


The movies which became hit in one language, sometimes, may not become a hit in another language. “Babu Baga Busy” is also the same. The movie “Hunter” in Hindi was a bumper hit and that same movie is translated in Telugu. But it didn’t attract the Telugu audience as it attracted the Hindi audience. The speed which appeared in the trailer, doesn’t have that speed in the movie. The movie goes slow. The audience is likely to be somewhat impatient. Avasarala Srinivas was better in a new character. The main thing to discuss in this film is about the heroine Supriya Aisala. She attracts the audience with her beauty and performance on the screen. Misti Chakravarti, Tejaswi Madivada and Srimukhi were better in their performance. The comedy in this film did not work out. Movie’s climax was not good. It was shown as the routine one.

Technical Team:

The visuals of the film were good. Cinematography was better. Editing was not good. The music provided by Sunil Kashyap did not attract the audience. The director Naveen Medaram did not made the film up to the mark as that of Hindi movie “Hunter”. The movie moved on slowly. It would have been better if he would have focused on this. The production standards of Abhishek Pictures Banner were good.


Ultimately, “Babu Baga Busy” goes slowly in theatres.

Rating : 2.25/5

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