Keshava Movie Review

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Director : Sudhir Varma
Producer : Abhishek Nama
Music Director : Sunny M.R
Starring : Ritu Varma – Ayesha Kopikar – Rao Ramesh – Ajay – Brahmaji – Priyadarshi – Vennela Kishore- Sudarshan – Madhunandan – Raja Ravindra – Ravi Prakash – Sameer etc.
Rating : 3.25/5

The movie “Swami Rara” which became hit with Nikhil and Sudhir Varma’s combination, now once again coming with the movie “Keshava”. The teasers of this film attracted the audience. Let’s see whether this movie gave a hit to Nikhil and Sudhir Varma’s combination.

Story :

Keshava (Nikhil) is a student, who loses his parents in an accident in childhood. Some people think that it is because of police and goes on killing the police. The police found the murderers. Why Keshava kill them? How he takes the revenge on the other people, is the story.

Analysis :

As usual, Nikhil selected a different concept for this film. How he takes the revenge for the injustice done to him, is the story. As said by the director Sudhir Varma, it is a complete revenge drama story. Nikhil, who appeared joyful in most of his films, now is appearing in a serious character in this movie. Nikhil justified his character in this movie. The heroine Ritu Varma did not have importance as per the character in the movie. In the middle, the comedy of Vennela Kishore made the audience laugh. Ayesha Kopikar as the police officer acts very well. Anasuya gave voice dubbing to her. This voice matched Ayesha Kopikar’s character. The remaining actors Rao Ramesh, Ajay, Brahmaji, and Raja Ravindra acted very well.

Technical Team :

The cinematography of Divakar Mani was good. He showed every location beautifully. Editing was good. The background music of Prashanth remained as the main strength for this film. Songs were better. The director Sudhir Varma showed his mark in this film. He presented the old concept in a new way. Abhishek Nama produced the film without any compromise.

Conclusion :

Ultimately, “Keshava” film came as a new-style in Nikhil and Sudhir Varma’s combination.

Rating : 3.25/5

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