Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor Movie Review

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Director : Vamsi
Producer : Madhura Sridhar Reddy
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Sumanth Ashwin - Anisha Ambrose - Manali Radod - Manasa - KrishnaBaghavan - Vamsi Nakkitti etc.
Rating : 3/5

Vamsi is famous for Godavari movies. Vamsi stands first in directors in showing the beauty of Godavari. Vamsi films will remain forever in Telugu audience. As a sequel to once Vamsi and Rajendra Prasad's hit film Ladies Tailor, this film 'fashion designer' is made. Sumanth Ashwin is the hero of this movie. The film is a promising film with a promo. Let's see whether the movie gets the audience desired level.

Story :

Once famous Ladies Tailor in the village, Sundaram son is Gopalan (Sumanth Ashwin). Gopalan also chooses his father's career and lives. However, an astrologer says that there is a Manmadha Line for Gopalan's movie. He tells us that any girl will falls in love with him immediately if he tries . Gopala has a desire to go to the city and has dream of becoming a fashion designer. He wants to use his Cupid line to get someone who has a very rich girl in the trap and fulfill his dream. Three girls will fall in love with him. Finally the story is to which turn his love story takes and finally who will connect with Goapalan.

Analysis :

Director Vamsi leads the movie Ladies tailor based on the birth mole and in this Fashion Designer he leads story with Manmadha line. The audience will never forget Rajendra Prasad's performance in Ladies Tailor. But Sumanth Ashwin's performance in fashion designer is also good. Like all the movies, he also showed his comedy mark. Krishna Bhagavan's comedy is impressive. The film does not have a big scope for heroines’ performance. They are limited only to show their beauty. However as in Ladies Tailor, the story is not well connected to the audience. The director could have taken the story of the film more deeply.

Technical Team :

Nagesh photography is the highlight of the film. He is 100% successful in showing the locations beautifully. With Nagesh's talent in Vamsi's direction, the film came in Quality High End. Mani Sharma's music is impressive. The songs are good in the movie. Film editing is also good. However, director Vamsi could have taken more initiative in the story itself. Film production values are good.

Conclusion :

Though this film may not impress all types of audience just like Ladies Tailor, it impresses the young generation.

Rating : 3/5

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