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NTR is playing 3 roles in this JAI LAVA KUSHA and it is going to be released in Dasara season. Rasi Khanna, Niveda Thamas are acting as heroines which is coming in the direction of Babee. Nandamuri Tarakaramarao Arts Proprietor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram told that the movie will be released on 21st September before Devi Navarathri festivals

DASARA fest. will fall on 30th September. The producer wishes to encash the Dasara holiday season. The teaser of the film will be released in the 1st week of July. In the 3 roles NTR plays one role has negative shades and that for role NT R is taking as challenge said the unit members. Now itself the N T R first look attracted the fans and average audience. Ronith Rai who got good name as villan in the hindi movies’ GUDDU RANGEELA’ and , ‘KABIL’ is playing a villan. The action scenes on NTR and Ronith are shooted. The schedule will be completed in this month.

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