Shruti Haasan says, “My life is completely in my hands”

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Adults say that initially the habits will be simple nests but later on they become iron chains.The thing starts with ease but later on it becomes addictive. The weakness of humans is the first step towards addiction. But Shruti Haasan says, “I doesn’t have any addiction. “My life is completely in my hands. I have some habits”.

Shruti Haasan says, “I don’t surrender to that. You do not hear the word “I am absent” from me. Because movie is a fashion for me. I do it with my interest. It is a kind of hobby. I don’t become weak when there is no shooting. I don’t lie down weak. I know how to spend those moments. Having loads of work and entering in various fields are my hobbies. So, I don’t let a moment go waste”.

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