Kajal, who prefers taste rather than opportunities

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Kajal reached a milestone of fifty films. But she says that her journey started right now. If she was asked she said, “It is the perfect time to completely enjoy acting. That's why my journey started now”. “The heroines do not have the choice to choose the characters in accordance with their wishes. But now I got it. In the beginning I tried like everyone to take advantage of the opportunities.

But know I am trying to prefer taste rather than opportunities. The role which I played on screen should be seen with my family as well. I follow it up to the end”, says Kajal. Kajal is the one who looks good on the screen and likes to act in comedy stories. I did roles based on acting importance and glamour importance as well. But kick was found elsewhere as laughter. Not only seeing but also Kajal likes to watch comedy movies too. Kajal is currently acting in "Nene Raju Nene Mantri" and “MLA” movies.

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